How to Rise from Past Mistakes


Is there something that happened in your past that is haunting you? Have someone hurt you or you have hurt someone? Are you regretting over a missed opportunity or are disappointed on yourself? If you stay in the past then you will only feel down. Here are some mentioned methods through which you can learn to forget about the past and get those troubling voices out of your head.

List it Up

First, think clearly about the mistake, regret or the disappointment that is troubling you then list it down. If there are multiple things that are troubling you, then quickly write them all in the list.

Analyze it


Once you have listed down what has been troubling you. You can now analyze what actually happened and think about it in a positive way. For example, there was an idea you want to forward to your heads, but you didn’t and now you are regretting that it could have worked so well for you. Now, think about it in a positive way that you were not sure at that time whether that idea would work so you held back. But now you are more clear and confident and you can present it now in a better way. Think a little positive and you will stop thinking about it in a negative way.

Forget about it

If there is a mistake or disappointment in your past that keeps coming out every time you think then you need to let it go. You have to stop thinking by shifting your attention to something else. Whenever that thought or memory comes into your mind, you should think about something else, busy yourself in something so you can stop thinking. Shift your attention to something else by thinking about a good memory or about the future.

If your mistake or regret involves another person then you have to forgive them or yourself. This way you will find inner peace if you will not think about taking revenge or feel guilty.

For any missed opportunity, start with a new plan this time and go with it. Think about something completely different and take a different approach. Changing your thoughts will slowly help you forget.

Push it in the past


So something bad happened in the past and now it haunts you every day. You have to think that it happens in the past and it will not happen again. Rather thinking about it as a memory, think that it actually never happened. You have moved on and that mistake or regret now only exists as a memory. Just focus your mind on it and try to think that it actually never happened.

Do this every day and the next time that thought will trigger in your head, you will not give much attention to it.

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