8 Beautiful Beaches Known For Their Different Color Sand

Sand and blue water is a common sight but sometimes the nature shows its beauty in different ways. Here is a list of different sand beaches all over the world which have different colors than normal.

Papakōlea Beach (Green)


Known as Mahana Beach or Green Sand Beach this beach is present in Hawaii. It is present close to the South Point, Kau district. The reason why this beach has green sand is because of the olivine crystals present in the land. In United States, there are two such green sand beaches, the other one is the Guam sand beach.

Harbour Island (Pink)


There is an island present in Bahamas and it is well known for its beaches with pink sand. The beach gets its pink color because the water is filled with red corals which go on through eastern coast. These pink beaches are a favorite tourist spot and are locally known as Briland.

Red Sand Beach (Red)


This beach is present in Maui, Hawaii. It is also called by the name Kaihalulu. Kaihalulu get its red color from the iron which the area is rich with. It is a pocket beach which means it is a little away from the ocean.

Hyams Beach (White)


It is a seaside village in Australia and is present in New South Wales. The village is surrounded by three beaches with white sand. The beach also holds a record for having the sand which is whiter than any other sand on the planet.

Punalu’u Beach (Black)


This beach is also present in Hawaii and gets its black color from the lava that is present in the ocean. When the basalt comes to the surface, it gives the sand its dark color. Punalu’u Beach is also called Black Sand Beach.

Pfeiffer Beach (Purple)


With its violet sand this beach is a top tourist attraction. The beach is present in California, U.S.

Ramla Bay (Orange)


This bay is known for its reddish sand and is present in Gozo, Malta. Ramla Bay holds past objects from Rome.

Rockaway Beach (Brown)


This beach is present in southern Pacifica, California. The sand of the beach is brown which reflects the color of chocolate.

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