Five Regrets Dying People Have


“The Top Five Regrets of The Dying” is a book written by a palliative nurse who listed the regrets in form of a book. These regrets are common for everyone as we spent our lives not giving attention to many things that require it now. In this article, these five regrets are listed.

Before reading the list, you should remember that regret is something that travels with us in our entire life. Regret is something that keeps us down on all stages of life, so instead of living in the past and thinking about what you could have done, you should look to the future. Things are happenings very fast in our lives so remember to let go of anything that is haunting you and always move forward to better things.


Here are the five regrets of the dying people:

  • People wanted to live the live according to their beliefs rather than changing themselves to what others wanted them to be. This is the most common of regret the most people have. When people are living their final days and they look back on what they could have done or should not have done, they see their dreams not getting fulfilled.
  • Regretting on working so hard. People regret that they were so busy in making money and work they didn’t give enough time to their children and life partner. They regret that they were so busy in their work that they now have no good memories of spending good time with their loved ones.
  • People regret that they didn’t express their feelings. Many people didn’t say what they truly felt just to stay with peace and avoid troubles. People regret that they didn’t have the courage to say what they truly felt because of which they suffered mentally.
  • People regret they didn’t give time to their friends. When people remember back, they think about the great times they spent with their friends but with the passage of time and becoming busy in work, friends are lost. People regret that they lost their friends and now at the end of life, it is not even possible to see them once again.
  • People regret that they stopped themselves from becoming happy. People find in their last days of life that happiness was never very hard to achieve. You could have been happier in what you were getting. They learn that becoming happy was very simple and a little change could have made their life happier.
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