Do You Know That You Are Just What You Eat?


Talking about health and fitness, food will always be the thing to blame. If you are asking what are the foods that you need to avoid or should eat then the answer is nothing. Definitely you can eat anything you want as long as it is not contraindicated with your health then you are free to eat everything. But before doing that there are things that you need to consider, even if you are allowed to eat everything you wish, still it doesn’t mean that it’s ok. You can but it is not ok, you need to draw lines between what you want and what is enough. You need to learn these things before even judging yourself and anyone else. Consuming foods is considered to be sensitive case, most of the time self-confidence will be greatly affected if improperly addressed. That is why, before even going to that point at least you have to try to make things right in a manner of healthy living.

What you need to eat:

Start by distinguishing what you need to eat. Try assessing your health and what’s its weakness. Diseases don’t come quick somehow it pertains to show signs and symptom before it happens. So before experiencing any illness, try to assess what’s good for your health. Do you eat lots of vegetables? Or you prefer eating fruits? Either way, what only matters is you are aware of what you are eating. Then somehow you will also be aware of the possibilities with the consequences and outcome of your actions. Eat everything that you need to eat, since these are your food requirements of your daily living. Skipping it might just bring you more problems than actually doing it.

What you want to eat:

Everything is not just about what you need; sometimes giving yourself a chance to attend to what you want helps you relieve stress. Each person has what you called basic needs, this is where consuming food is included. Foods are created, invented and cooked to satisfy every tasteful mouth. No matter how hard you resist, there are episodes there you can’t stop from craving. These eating foods can be unhealthy, when your cravings are clouding your decisions.

The foods that are commonly consumed not because you need it but because you want to are desserts, liquors and everything available in fast foods. Like what is mentioned, you are allowed to eat everything but mind you, make some precaution. Learn to have self-control, eat what you want today but not again tomorrow. If it helps, make a schedule and keep it to a manner that even you are eating unhealthy foods you make it seldom.

When to stop:

Everything that is too much will always be dangerous, too much food, too much drinks and too much fun can leave you with nothing. Always remember to be in control, practice discipline and most especially feel the contentment. The phrase “you are just what you consume” can lead to two different sides; you are being judged or you are the one judging. Definitely the phrase has a strong message and most of the time people perceive only the negative one. If you are eating too much and drinking too much it will surely be visible on your health and sometimes without even knowing to people tend to make an impression already. It is all up to you how to be seen by people; you have a chance to look at the options.

To add a spice to your day, try to imagine all the foods are prepared in front of you. All the foods you need and want to eat. What will you do? Which foods will pick up and eat? If you are having trouble in finding the answer, here is a quick solution. Pick both but make sure you weigh enough your action. To be responsible of you own health, without too much restriction but at least with proper implementation. Consuming foods will be forever you only stop when you stop breathing. You eat foods not because you want to, but because you have to. Remember that no machine will run without a fuel, your foods are the one fuelling your body to do and act with your daily activities. So better be sure to choose the foods that will actually serve its purpose.

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