20 Best Perennial Flowers For Your House Garden

Blanket flower

Perennial flowers are one of the most beautiful, boldly colored and eye catching flowers in the world. The flowers grow and bloom during the spring and summer seasons. There are many different types of perennial flowers. Below is a list of the best perennial flowers. If you would prefer to let someone else do all the work growing and delivery for you; contact FNZ for New Zealand Deliveries. AFD for Australia and FTD for the US.

Blanket Flower


Blanket flowers are one of the long blooming plants in the world. The plants usually bloom during summer seasons all through into fall. They come in two different colors; red and orange.

Peruvian Lily


The flowers come in shades of; yellow, orange and purple. The plant usually blossoms when they are around 2-3 inches tall if the soil is not too hot.

Aster X Frikartii

aster x frikartii

This is a flower that can be grown on any soil. The Aster flowers appear during the months of July and September. They are available in lavender and blue colors.

Cone Flower

cone flower

They are scientifically known as Euchinacea. The flower is available in different shades of color; orange, yellow, red-orange, pink and purple. The purple coneflower originated from Northern America.

Gloriosa Daisy

gloriosa daisy

This flower was first grown in United States. It is one of the short lived perennial flowers in the world. The flower petals are in different colors including, yellow, mahogany and gold. The center however is brown in color.



Lavender is one of the perennial flowers that are grown in almost every part of the world. They are purple in color. The flower has many uses; as food, as a medicine and as a freshener due to its beautiful scent.

Pineapple Sage


The flowers are also known as tangerine sage flowers. They originated from Mexico and Guatemala. They start to bloom in the late autumn. The tree produces leaves with pineapple-shaped red flowers.

Gaura Flowers

gaura flowers

These flowers originate from Texas and South Mexico. They are available in pink and white colors.

Coreopsis Flowers

coreopsis flowers

They are also known as mango punch because the petals are mango-orange in color. The flowers appear during the summer season.



The flowering plant is scientifically known as Nepeta. It originated from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The flowers are available in blue and lavender colors; in late spring you will notice silvery-green petals.



It is ranked as the largest flowering plant in the world. The flowers appear in early summer all throughout into fall. They come in blue or red colors. They are used as food and also medicine.

Phlox Paniculata

phlox paniculata

It is commonly known as Tall garden Phlox. The flowers are available in shades of white or pink.



These perennial flowers appear during the summer and autumn seasons. They are available in pink and purple, blue, white and red.



This is a flower that can withstand any weather conditions. It is mostly grown in the United States. The flowers come in shades of yellow, pink, red and white. The plants usually bloom in late spring.



These are flowers that were first grown in Asia, Europe (Southern) and America. They are available in many different colors apart from blue.

Iris (Siberian)


The flowers come in white, blue and yellow colors.

Astilbe Flowers

astilbe flowers

The flowers burst forth during the late spring. They are available in pink, white and red colors.

Penstemon Flowers

penstemon flowers

These flowers originate from Northern America and Europe. They usually come in shades of pink, blue, white, lavender or red colors.



The flower is commonly known as Pincushion flower. This is one the long lasting bloomers in the world as they bloom during summer and fall.



These flowers originate from the Heuchera plant and they usually appear in late spring.

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