Did You Lose Weight or Is in Regret


So another year ended, and at the beginning of the year, you were sure that this was the year you would lose all that extra weight in your body. How well it went?

Maybe you started a well-designed workout plan, but only after few days you started missing your workouts and the usual excuse “I am busy” didn’t let you feel bad. Or maybe you thought this year you won’t eat all the food that makes you overweight. So, you stopped eating the sweets and junk food, but you couldn’t keep yourself away and finally got back to your usual diet.

Do You Have Regrets Now?


Do you feel like you have wasted another year, not doing what you were supposed to do? But don’t feel down. What your problem was not that you didn’t want to lose weight but you didn’t go to the root of the problem. Why you gain weight? It is the question you should ask rather than searching for ways to reduce it.

To lose weight first, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Once you know what healthy lifestyle is, you will not gain weight and still never complain about feeling weak.

The only way to lose weight is not to gain it in the first place. For this, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only option. By healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you will have to follow a specific diet plan or workout at the gym daily. It’s simply a way of life that goes with you anywhere you go. You will walk around with it no matter where you are.

Switching to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to change yourself completely at once. You can start step by step which is the best way to switch to any new lifestyle.

What Should You Do Now?


The past is in the past, let it go now. You were sure that this was the year of your significant change, but it is not. Now, you might think it is impossible for you. But ask yourself, why wait for the first day of the year? Why not do what you want to do for yourself right now?

Don’t start your healthy lifestyle with the calendar year. In fact, if you want to live a healthy life then don’t look at the calendar at all. Many people lose motivation after trying to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not a workout routine that gives you benefits after some time, and it is actually changing your mind towards what is healthy and what should be avoided.

So, start right now. Search a little for which foods give you energy but don’t stock too many calories and which exercises should be done daily to stay fit; do it from today, and very soon you will see the exceptional results.

Exercises or Gym Equipment You Will Need?

If you’re unsure what equipment and exercises you should do and get, you will likely appreciate these resources from the links below:


Five Regrets Dying People Have


“The Top Five Regrets of The Dying” is a book written by a palliative nurse who listed the regrets in form of a book. These regrets are common for everyone as we spent our lives not giving attention to many things that require it now. In this article, these five regrets are listed.

Before reading the list, you should remember that regret is something that travels with us in our entire life. Regret is something that keeps us down on all stages of life, so instead of living in the past and thinking about what you could have done, you should look to the future. Things are happenings very fast in our lives so remember to let go of anything that is haunting you and always move forward to better things.


Here are the five regrets of the dying people:

  • People wanted to live the live according to their beliefs rather than changing themselves to what others wanted them to be. This is the most common of regret the most people have. When people are living their final days and they look back on what they could have done or should not have done, they see their dreams not getting fulfilled.
  • Regretting on working so hard. People regret that they were so busy in making money and work they didn’t give enough time to their children and life partner. They regret that they were so busy in their work that they now have no good memories of spending good time with their loved ones.
  • People regret that they didn’t express their feelings. Many people didn’t say what they truly felt just to stay with peace and avoid troubles. People regret that they didn’t have the courage to say what they truly felt because of which they suffered mentally.
  • People regret they didn’t give time to their friends. When people remember back, they think about the great times they spent with their friends but with the passage of time and becoming busy in work, friends are lost. People regret that they lost their friends and now at the end of life, it is not even possible to see them once again.
  • People regret that they stopped themselves from becoming happy. People find in their last days of life that happiness was never very hard to achieve. You could have been happier in what you were getting. They learn that becoming happy was very simple and a little change could have made their life happier.

How to Rise from Past Mistakes


Is there something that happened in your past that is haunting you? Have someone hurt you or you have hurt someone? Are you regretting over a missed opportunity or are disappointed on yourself? If you stay in the past then you will only feel down. Here are some mentioned methods through which you can learn to forget about the past and get those troubling voices out of your head.

List it Up

First, think clearly about the mistake, regret or the disappointment that is troubling you then list it down. If there are multiple things that are troubling you, then quickly write them all in the list.

Analyze it


Once you have listed down what has been troubling you. You can now analyze what actually happened and think about it in a positive way. For example, there was an idea you want to forward to your heads, but you didn’t and now you are regretting that it could have worked so well for you. Now, think about it in a positive way that you were not sure at that time whether that idea would work so you held back. But now you are more clear and confident and you can present it now in a better way. Think a little positive and you will stop thinking about it in a negative way.

Forget about it

If there is a mistake or disappointment in your past that keeps coming out every time you think then you need to let it go. You have to stop thinking by shifting your attention to something else. Whenever that thought or memory comes into your mind, you should think about something else, busy yourself in something so you can stop thinking. Shift your attention to something else by thinking about a good memory or about the future.

If your mistake or regret involves another person then you have to forgive them or yourself. This way you will find inner peace if you will not think about taking revenge or feel guilty.

For any missed opportunity, start with a new plan this time and go with it. Think about something completely different and take a different approach. Changing your thoughts will slowly help you forget.

Push it in the past


So something bad happened in the past and now it haunts you every day. You have to think that it happens in the past and it will not happen again. Rather thinking about it as a memory, think that it actually never happened. You have moved on and that mistake or regret now only exists as a memory. Just focus your mind on it and try to think that it actually never happened.

Do this every day and the next time that thought will trigger in your head, you will not give much attention to it.

Great Places in China to Visit


China is a remarkable country and also the main entrance to East Asia. It is an old civilization which provided the globe with noodles, gunpowder, and Peking Man. People arriving for the first time in China usually stay in large cities. While the visitors who have come before, make their way to the other side, however the traveling might be difficult due to change of language but most travelers achieve their goals. Below are listed some of the places to go to in China.


At the moment, Beijing is the capital city of China and one of the most visited place in the country. It has a history of 3,000 years which is still living within the city. Literal meaning of Beijing is Northern Capital. The metropolis is the heart of many fascinating places like Tiananmen Square, Old and New Summer Palaces, the National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a collection of smaller walls developed by different dynasties. It has a length of 8,800 km and the history of the wall is 2000 years old and it has been stated as world’s longest structure made by man. The wall was built to defend the land from invaders from north.

Hong Kong

To the southeastern coast of China is Hong Kong, which is a splendid first-class business center where British colonial authority, latest technology and Chinese culture mix up together. Even with having the mass of skyscrapers and utmost population mass. It also has lots of greenery, mountain views and seashores.


The place is famous for its natural beauty and it’s West Lake which many poets and artists have portrayed in their work. Marco Polo in 13th century described it as the world’s most beautiful and magnificent city. West Lake is a huge lake divided by land bridges and with beautiful ancient buildings and gardens to provide visitors comfort and mysticism. Beside its coasts travelers get to view the sights of its walking paths, pagodas, tea farms and temples.


Jiuzhaigou consists of many waterfalls and snow-covered karst mountains, 108 lakes of blue, green and turquoise colors, which are crystal clear, due to these reasons it has been portrayed as a fairyland. Also, giant pandas are natural habitants in this area, but they are seen rarely due to the size of park and the amount of visitors.


Kunming, located in center of southwest China, is cultural, economic, and industrial, place. It has train routes with all of the big metropolises of China also it connects with Vietnam through rail road. The mild climate throughout the year makes it possible to visit at any time. Other than that the place has its own charms, and provides a fascinating touch of culture.


Located at 3,500 meters from Earth’s surface Lhasa is the chief city of Tibet. However the city has not absorbed much from the greater China and has kept its culture. Potala Palace is one of the most fascinating places and also a place where Dalai Lama used to live.


Shanghai is one of the most industrial and largest metropolises of China. Its location is at the mouth of the Yangtze River on the East China Sea. The nights at the city portrays the Western image of cities of China with vivid neon signs, lively streets and abundant businesses. The city consists of many skyscrapers and shimmering shopping malls, lavish hotels and impressive arts centers can be viewed alongside.


At one time Xi’an was the beginning of the essential Silk Road which connected its commerce with numerous countries of Eurasia. It was also once among the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Newly found Terracotta Army has now become the popular attraction of the place. Terracotta Army is believed to be the guardian of the tomb of China’s first emperor.



Yangshuo in past has attracted tourists due to its cheap prices and relaxed atmosphere, but now it has got the attention of many visitors due to its karst mountains and stunning landscape. Also, the place has a good base to take a tour for a day to Guilin for a relaxing outing on the Li River.

How to Be Good in Smaller Companies


Not everybody wants to work on their desk all day long. Some people need some kind of authority, some want to demonstrate their professional skills while some desire a leadership role to lead a team towards success.

When we talk about a business management, you should start your leadership role in early phases of your career. You will need to show your superiors your professional skills even when you are working on a same level as your other colleagues.

With the right attitude from the start you will climb higher in your career. Once you have displayed your skills as a leader, your career in business management will be on the right track.

Once on the management level, you will need to understand the way how the business works to take it in the right direction.

Smaller companies are easy to manage as the directions from superiors are less to none. Also, smaller teams are easy to manage and communication among the group is better. Though, smaller companies do suffer in form of funding and need to work for extra hours to meet set goals. Compare to them, large companies have many advantages but it all depends on the company and what culture it follows.

Larger organizations have managers at different levels that do the same task of managing and directing the people and using the resources successfully.

Management based jobs are available in all kind of firms and business. If you want to climb higher in your career then you can apply to a job that gives you a better rank.

4 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online


Everyone wants to earn some easy money online but the problem is they don’t know where to begin and what valid methods are there that are guaranteed to make money from. If you are searching for some good ways to make money online, here is a list that covers some of them:

  1. First begin with the market. The market you are trying to reach should be profitable and you should do your research to know the up and downs of the market. Your research will determine how good your online business will bloom. Remember to first find a good market not a good product.
  2. Next thing you need is to find the right product that will do well in your market. If you don’t want a product then go for affiliate marketing and choose from products of other people and sell it. Go for the right product rather than choosing something hot. Always study the market and sell a product according to its need.
  3. Create a landing page. You need a page to save information of your audience. People will not buy from you right away; they will follow you instead, with a good landing page you can keep them following you in the long run. If you are not allowing visitors to follow you then your business will not grow.
  4. Now the final step is the obvious one. You will need to bring traffic to your page. There are many ways to generate traffic but explaining it is just like maths, where you have to do the exercise yourself to come to an answer.

These are some ways you can make money online with. You can follow them to earn some extra cash with ease.

How to Earn Money from your House


Many people think that it is almost impossible for them to earn money from their house. The reason is simple, when people search for ways to make money online, they become target of scammers. Scammers one way or the other either make the person work with no pay or asks for money in advance then don’t contact later. This is why some people hesitate to work even with legal clients or methods in fear they might get scammed.

While the scammers have made making money online a risky task, but if you know the right ways, you can completely avoid the scammers and earn money easily and legally. This article will cover up the steps and give you a little detail on some methods to make money online.

  • If you have time, you can try affiliate marketing or you can sell your own information products. This method is more time consuming and it will require a good effort from you to be successful.
  • You can do a good business by selling stuff on eBay. Now the stuff doesn’t have to be a tangible good which require shipping. If you don’t want to get tangle in shipping stuff then you can make money by selling digital items with classified ad sections on eBay. This way you will be saved from shipping and you can grow an audience or future customers with subscribers.
  • If you are in a hurry to make money then the best option is by creating a website and earn through ads. It is a common and most effective way, though you will have to build a website with enough traffic to apply for ads. You will also need to have basic HTML knowledge.

Making money from your house is not hard if you know the right ways. Once you have selected how you want to earn money, just search for a platform that helps you with your work.

10 Beautiful Gardens You Must Visit

If you have resources and time, you must visit these beautiful gardens.

Keukenhof Gardens in Netherlands


This garden shows its beauty in spring when it gets filled with over 7 million daffodils, hyacinths and tulips, which are spread over 32 ha. While you enjoy the sight of such beauty, arrangers pass down tips on caring for flowers. The garden have cafes and restaurants for tourists, it also pleases its guests with boat and bike tours.

Kew Gardens in London


Princess Augusta, King George III’s mother, started developing this garden in 1759 with 3.6 hectare, now it expands over 132 hectare of land. This garden holds around 50,000 species of different plants. This garden also holds few renowned buildings which include Palm House, Temperate House and Pagoda. It has a lot of great attractions to offer which will keep you busy for whole day. It also has Japanese Gateway, Treetop Walkway, Kew Palace and Waterlily Pond.

Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand


This garden was started by Miss Nong Nooch in 1980 in Thailand. The Nong Nooch Paradise holds a number of many attractive gardens and features the largest variety of Cycad and Palm trees in the entire globe. The Orchids present in the country are also one of its great attractions. The garden displays many shows to entertain the tourists.

Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona


If you want to see the best collection of desert plants then Desert Botanical Garden is the right place for you. It holds around 17,000 species of different desert plants. The garden also includes a research center for desert plants and a herbarium with laboratories, library, research facilities and plant conservation.

Versailles Garden in France


Louis 14th the French King gathered a professional team of painters, designers and architects to start building the Versailles Garden in 1661. His project Château de Versailles along with its gardens would become his life time project.

Butchart Gardens in Canada


Robert Pim Butchart started this garden in Canada by exploring land with abundance of limestone deposits from Owen Sound to West Coasts of Canada. He created cement plant there later. Butchart Garden started as a small garden, Butchart build around his house.

Yuyuan Garden in China


This garden in China translates into English as ‘Garden of Contentment’. It was build during (1368-1644 AD) in the Ming Dynasty.

Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco


Jacques Majorelle made this garden in 1920s. Today, it is owned by Yves Saint Laurent a well renowned fashion designer. The garden is known for the blue color which is the main theme of this garden.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland


The combination of maths and science gives this garden a man plus nature look. This garden was build around 1989 by Charles Jencks and his wife Maggie.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida


Florida holds this beautiful garden with collection of different tropical plants. The garden has Tropical Plant Conservation center which has conserved many species of plants from tropical Africa, South Florida, Madagascar, Oceanic Islands and the Caribbean. The garden is also known for its research work involving palm. It is the leading center in this field with 70 years of research.

8 Beautiful Beaches Known For Their Different Color Sand

Sand and blue water is a common sight but sometimes the nature shows its beauty in different ways. Here is a list of different sand beaches all over the world which have different colors than normal.

Papakōlea Beach (Green)


Known as Mahana Beach or Green Sand Beach this beach is present in Hawaii. It is present close to the South Point, Kau district. The reason why this beach has green sand is because of the olivine crystals present in the land. In United States, there are two such green sand beaches, the other one is the Guam sand beach.

Harbour Island (Pink)


There is an island present in Bahamas and it is well known for its beaches with pink sand. The beach gets its pink color because the water is filled with red corals which go on through eastern coast. These pink beaches are a favorite tourist spot and are locally known as Briland.

Red Sand Beach (Red)


This beach is present in Maui, Hawaii. It is also called by the name Kaihalulu. Kaihalulu get its red color from the iron which the area is rich with. It is a pocket beach which means it is a little away from the ocean.

Hyams Beach (White)


It is a seaside village in Australia and is present in New South Wales. The village is surrounded by three beaches with white sand. The beach also holds a record for having the sand which is whiter than any other sand on the planet.

Punalu’u Beach (Black)


This beach is also present in Hawaii and gets its black color from the lava that is present in the ocean. When the basalt comes to the surface, it gives the sand its dark color. Punalu’u Beach is also called Black Sand Beach.

Pfeiffer Beach (Purple)


With its violet sand this beach is a top tourist attraction. The beach is present in California, U.S.

Ramla Bay (Orange)


This bay is known for its reddish sand and is present in Gozo, Malta. Ramla Bay holds past objects from Rome.

Rockaway Beach (Brown)


This beach is present in southern Pacifica, California. The sand of the beach is brown which reflects the color of chocolate.

20 Best Perennial Flowers For Your House Garden

Blanket flower

Perennial flowers are one of the most beautiful, boldly colored and eye catching flowers in the world. The flowers grow and bloom during the spring and summer seasons. There are many different types of perennial flowers. Below is a list of the best perennial flowers. If you would prefer to let someone else do all the work growing and delivery for you; contact FNZ for New Zealand Deliveries. AFD for Australia and FTD for the US.

Blanket Flower


Blanket flowers are one of the long blooming plants in the world. The plants usually bloom during summer seasons all through into fall. They come in two different colors; red and orange.

Peruvian Lily


The flowers come in shades of; yellow, orange and purple. The plant usually blossoms when they are around 2-3 inches tall if the soil is not too hot.

Aster X Frikartii

aster x frikartii

This is a flower that can be grown on any soil. The Aster flowers appear during the months of July and September. They are available in lavender and blue colors. Continue reading

Do You Know That You Are Just What You Eat?


Talking about health and fitness, food will always be the thing to blame. If you are asking what are the foods that you need to avoid or should eat then the answer is nothing. Definitely you can eat anything you want as long as it is not contraindicated with your health then you are free to eat everything. But before doing that there are things that you need to consider, even if you are allowed to eat everything you wish, still it doesn’t mean that it’s ok. You can but it is not ok, you need to draw lines between what you want and what is enough. You need to learn these things before even judging yourself and anyone else. Consuming foods is considered to be sensitive case, most of the time self-confidence will be greatly affected if improperly addressed. That is why, before even going to that point at least you have to try to make things right in a manner of healthy living.

What you need to eat:

Start by distinguishing what you need to eat. Try assessing your health and what’s its weakness. Diseases don’t come quick somehow it pertains to show signs and symptom before it happens. So before experiencing any illness, try to assess what’s good for your health. Do you eat lots of vegetables? Or you prefer eating fruits? Either way, what only matters is you are aware of what you are eating. Then somehow you will also be aware of the possibilities with the consequences and outcome of your actions. Eat everything that you need to eat, since these are your food requirements of your daily living. Skipping it might just bring you more problems than actually doing it.

What you want to eat:

Everything is not just about what you need; sometimes giving yourself a chance to attend to what you want helps you relieve stress. Each person has what you called basic needs, this is where consuming food is included. Foods are created, invented and cooked to satisfy every tasteful mouth. No matter how hard you resist, there are episodes there you can’t stop from craving. These eating foods can be unhealthy, when your cravings are clouding your decisions.

The foods that are commonly consumed not because you need it but because you want to are desserts, liquors and everything available in fast foods. Like what is mentioned, you are allowed to eat everything but mind you, make some precaution. Learn to have self-control, eat what you want today but not again tomorrow. If it helps, make a schedule and keep it to a manner that even you are eating unhealthy foods you make it seldom.

When to stop:

Everything that is too much will always be dangerous, too much food, too much drinks and too much fun can leave you with nothing. Always remember to be in control, practice discipline and most especially feel the contentment. The phrase “you are just what you consume” can lead to two different sides; you are being judged or you are the one judging. Definitely the phrase has a strong message and most of the time people perceive only the negative one. If you are eating too much and drinking too much it will surely be visible on your health and sometimes without even knowing to people tend to make an impression already. It is all up to you how to be seen by people; you have a chance to look at the options.

To add a spice to your day, try to imagine all the foods are prepared in front of you. All the foods you need and want to eat. What will you do? Which foods will pick up and eat? If you are having trouble in finding the answer, here is a quick solution. Pick both but make sure you weigh enough your action. To be responsible of you own health, without too much restriction but at least with proper implementation. Consuming foods will be forever you only stop when you stop breathing. You eat foods not because you want to, but because you have to. Remember that no machine will run without a fuel, your foods are the one fuelling your body to do and act with your daily activities. So better be sure to choose the foods that will actually serve its purpose.

Check out this Things You Won’t Regret When You’re Older here.

Things You Won’t Regret When You’re Older


There are many things and services a man or woman desires to do in his or her life but they are sometimes being able to do this and in most of the cases they regret in their ending day. If you want to give your life a new twist and want to say that “I’m ready for death as I’ve seen enough” then you should keep on reading this article as I’m going to explore 27 things you would not regret when you will become older as these 27 things are the utmost needs of your life. Here are all 27 things you need to do in your life that you may not regret when you are older.

First of all, you need to turn off your phone when you are at dinner. Always try to say good-bye to your toxic friend so that repentance may not come in your way. Always wake up early and get the work done soon. When you are exhausted or over-whelmed, always say “no” to the new plans. There is the need to trust in the initial instincts whenever consider someone for some jobs opportunity. Always welcome the new day as it is really “a new day” and embrace it with new passion. Never think to go in high school re-union classes again.

Always express your thoughts for your family to make them aware how much you love them. Try to take pictures and photos whenever holidays and gatherings are done of family or friends. There is the need to have a photo album full of your favorite moments of life. You should make your friends’ a family to enjoy till the end of the days. When working with someone, always hope for better and ask for raise. There is the need to finish every task whatever you start.


Whenever you are free, take advantage of your holidays and leisure time. You should maintain all those things which you own so you may not repent in ending days. You should take care of facial skin. Also, you need to make your home a great corner of the world by maintaining its cleanliness. If you think you will remember some trips for the whole life, spend more money than your expectations. Always take a stand for yourself whenever it becomes necessary. Always try to bring some creativity in your personality and express it.

Go away from places where you are undermined. Go for big and small adventures. Save some money for rainy days or for emergency. Try to delete your Facebook account as well. Always try to be happy with others whenever important moments come in their lives. Have some time for your relations every day to get work done. Take out every moment with your friends to laugh so that you may bring happiness in your life. Such 27 things you should do so that you may not regret in your older age.